We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to hear about the love of God and be transformed by it.

Equip & Grow is an inter-denominational, para-church organization focused on equipping teachers with curriculum, support and training in their own language. Our mission is to equip children’s ministries across the world with free resources and training in their own language. As we focus on equipping and growing the children’s ministry leadership, we are seeing children being discipled around the world. We have curriculum and training in 27 languages, which reaches 88% of the world in their first or second language.

Our History

Equip & Grow was founded by Dwight and Kristi Krauss in 2005 as a response to a need they saw in children’s ministry while serving as missionaries in Mexico. Many churches couldn’t afford curriculum for their children’s programs and they noticed that there was a lack of training resources available for leaders. This prompted Kristi to start writing curriculum and developing training resources for teachers, while Dwight started a printshop to print the curriculum.

In 2014, they decided to translate their curriculum and training into more languages, with a special focus on unreached areas of the world. In 2021, they shifted to a fully digital focus, serving churches and organizations around the world to provide support, training, and curriculum for children’s ministry.

Our focus remains on making an impact in children’s ministry by continuing to develop resources for teachers around the world. We continue to provide in-depth training, curriculum and interactive support for children’s ministries in over 27 languages, allowing teachers to spend more time doing the work God has called them to do.

Our Leadership

This ministry would not be possible without this awesome group of men and women. From our bookkeeper to our social media volunteers, and from our coaches to our board members, this team is really making it happen.

Financial Integrity

Thank you for your unwavering support. Your gifts make it possible for the children and churches we serve around the world to receive real discipleship through fresh curriculum and training for their children’s ministry leaders. 

Our Approach

Approximately 75% of children’s pastors leave or change ministries in their first year due to to stress, burnout, and being under-equipped! We understand what it feels like to never have enough time to create lesson plans, find games, train the few teachers we have, recruit more help, calm parents, keep the lead pastor informed, and keep ourselves trained.

We believe that children’s ministry is a vital part of the church’s mission, and we are committed to equipping and empowering leaders to disciple the next generation. At Equip & Grow, we take a holistic approach to children’s ministry with our four-pillar approach.


Inspiring leaders through our training events, workshops and curriculum to do the work God has called them to do.


Free resources for children’s ministry, including Sunday school, Christian clubs, kids church, and holiday programs.


Providing community for leaders through our social media, group training and workshops!


Equipping leaders with thousands of training videos and booklets covering every aspect of children’s ministry. 

Networks Ministries

Since 2005, Networks Ministries has been an invaluable strategic partner. From our initial trip to Huatabampo to procure land, to language management in the years since, Networks has been a steadfast believer in our mission. They have provided immense financial support and guidance, and we’ve learned so much from Mike and Vickie Kangas about how to do effective ministry. Without Networks, we simply would not be where we are today. We express our sincerest gratitude for this meaningful partnership. Thank you.

Change the world with us

Everyone deserves the opportunity to hear about the love of God and be transformed by it, and we will continue to work towards making our resources available to people in their own language.