Celebrating a Decade of Impact in India

Testimonies from India

I am very happy to inform you that today we have celebrated the 10th anniversary of our children’s ministry among children and parents of children in the church and at the same time doing a small demo explaining about your “Time Machine” Sunday school curriculum in detail. “Time Machine, walk where Jesus walked” is now inaugurated. Glory be to the Lord. We are thankful to Equip & Grow that we got a very good training course from you. – Johnny Raja

Other testimonials from India

“So grateful for preparing and training us. Very happy to have been a part of this. Thank you so much for this. It already is and still going to be a blessing as we apply what we have learnt.” -Shweta Gaikwad

“Still grasping in every session bit by bit. Thank you for investing your time, knowledge and efforts in us so that we can do the same in the lives of our dear children.” -Deepa Bathija

“It was amazing to know these innovative methods that will help in keeping our children attentive and excited to attend their Sunday school to know more about Jesus…will surely inculcate them. Sister Kristi Krauss and Sister Blessy Jacob both have an infectious smile. 😊 May the Lord enable us to do this ministry with the same vision that you carry.” – Jeevina Quadros

“I would like to thank all of you for this wonderful training experience. Got to learn so many things. The material and resources provided were amazing and very well formulated. May God bless each and every one of you who’ve worked so hard on these trainings and may you all grow from strength to strength. Thank you!” 😊 –Sneha Telore

“Thank you so much trainees for the amazing sessions. This was really better than zoom meetings, because due to our schedule, it becomes difficult to join zoom sessions, but listening to the audios when we get free was much convenient for me. I have saved the curriculum provided and I loved the classes lot. Heading towards the purpose of our life to glorify God from our life. I will surely teach my children in church and also to train other teachers.” -Shaina Pipil

“Thank you for the opportunity of learning and growing with the Time Machine classroom and appreciate the team for all the efforts for helping us know and understand the classes well. Thank you for sharing all the Materials and Links for curriculum too. Thank you once again.” 💕 -Shirley Shalem Lal