Free Children’s Curriculum Being Put to Work in Mexico

A Testimonial from Lety Bautista

I am pleased to bear witness to the ministry “Equip & Grow.” I found out about your curriculum in 2010 and I found it fabulous because of its different content from what I was used to and because of its cost that made it easy for me. I have shared with many others of your ministry that supports us teachers in our work. I think I know almost all your curriculum from Prepare to Believe, Camp Love, Heroes of Faith, Detectives, Underground Expedition, Champions, Submerge in the Word, Destination without Limits, The Circus of life, The Great Show, Surviving the Jungle, Christmas Melodies, Time Machine, The Emotions Train, Easter with the King, Let’s go to the Farm, Armor of God, Just Live It, and I am probably forgetting others. I have used each curriculum more than once and in 3 different churches. 

Yesterday we started “CSI, Evidence of God” for the second time, and I am pleased to share that a young girl who took this class with me years ago, is now participating as a teacher! 

Thank you very much for your great work in creating curriculum and training, including the in-person large summit events, that I had the good fortune to attend almost all of. I hope you can continue to create more for generations to come. God bless the entire team, and especially to sister Kristina, as she has been an important piece in my development as a leader of children’s ministry.