THANK YOU for so much great learning!

Mirith Santander, a participant in our coaching for children’s ministry course from Barranquilla, Colombia, has shared with us a testimonial on her experience in both 2022 and 2023. Our class on the Action Gap resonated with her, emphasizing the value of teaching children to apply the word of God, not just learn it.

We were elated to offer her access to our online curriculum, which encourages students to apply during the week what they learned on Sundays. After understanding the importance of discipling children, Mirith imparted her knowledge to others, even if their curriculum did not provide an “at-home” step. With her entertaining personality “Loly”, she has ministered to children in 15 churches and spoken at 12 teacher-training events in Colombia in the last 2 years. She has participated in our coaching for childrens ministry courses, along with over 1500 other students!

She shared…

“THANK YOU for so much great learning. For making me grow ministerially. For breaking barriers that I couldn’t…THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH LOVE. THERE IS NO WAY TO EXPRESS MY THANKS TO YOU.”

Regrettably, Mirith is currently dealing with a health crisis, with cerebral angiopathy and bradycardia affecting her brain and heart, respectively. As she takes a sabbatical from her ministry to recover fully, we pray for her well-being and speedy return to health.

We are standing with her in prayer, knowing that God is with her and that “Loly” will be back to spread joy to children and other teachers soon.